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The Nine

Book by C. J. Santon

Enter into a blue-green new world of adventure, lasting friendships, loves and the transformation of nine young people into super responsible parents, leaders and inconspicuous owners of some of the biggest companies on the planet, organized to take on the mighty rich financial and arms manufacturing cabals ruining Earth’s biodiversity with their greed.

You will eventually meet all nine group members, as in benign obscurity, they manage to acquire control of the world’s largest conglomeration of shipbuilding, shipping, international banking, transportation, tv and media companies, and the production and retailing of all manner of products including food, medical, health, fashion and cosmetics while gathering the world’s biggest cash reserve. You will follow them as they gradually gather the planet’s giant holdings of ruined rainforest and farmlands, nurturing them back to health. But most important, will be their creation of thousands of centers to feed and educate starving underprivileged children and young, nourishing them through the schools’ superior environmental and humanitarian curriculum, in time themselves becoming leaders of a new respectful, eco-friendly and humane future world.

We are introduced to the group’s chosen strong leader, young Anker Banner-Brahe’s early life and loves in Denmark, North America, the US Virgin Islands and Italy. His meeting with Jason the giant Danish-speaking islander from St. Thomas, bringing Anker an inheritance he cannot refuse. And we follow Anker’s friendship with the first members of his group of nine: English Lord James Bythesea, the Chinese genius Jimmy Huang, the giant Ainu ninja warrior Pony, and also from the island of Hokkaido, the lethal Ninjutsu sensei Ishi who becomes such an important influence on the nine young friends.

We are with the four first group members through one of the Virgin Island’s worst hurricanes and observe their efforts at saving as many islanders as possible. Finally, we join them during their first meeting on small island south of St. Thomas with some strange humanoid visitors from space wishing to lead their future by readying them to take on the fight against a coming humanitarian apocalypse which could end in an all-destroying third world war.