“My vision is for The Nine is for it to be a significant enabler of our independent goals so that we can all become role models and enablers for others to follow.”

Email: juliet@anygood.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julieteccleston/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/playthesunset

Facebook: anygoodHQ
Twitter: @AnyGoodHQ

Juliet Eccleston

CEO & Co-founder, Anygood?

Juliet is CEO and co-founder of the crowdsourced talent platform AnyGood?, a network where professionals recommend professionals for roles. AnyGood? nurtures a level playing field for candidates through a proactively curated network, to ensure a greater diversity of recommended candidates.

AnyGood? launched in 2017 and has attracted interest from large corporates as well as SMEs who are looking for new ways to find great people. AnyGood? successfully raised initial seed funding via its members and is set for significant growth in 2019.

Prior to launching AnyGood?, Juliet delivered large scale change programmes for over 20 years within financial services, retail and government, for companies including Egg, BBC, Sainsbury’s, Legal & General, Fidelity Investments and Britannia Building Society, among others.

Juliet is inspired when she sees simple and ethical solutions for inefficient and outdated industries. Although technical advancements are certainly enablers of change, the transition of trust away from institutions to crowds is an economy-wide shift that will reach almost every market. The possibilities of this are fascinating to her and piques her curiosity about how the AnyGood? model can continue to be refined.

What is The Nine to Juliet?

The Nine is a group of independently bold and tenacious women entrepreneurs who are focused on driving out inefficiencies in B2B environments, and increasing productivity. Juliet believes collaborating and sharing with other creative leaders helps you to see your own challenges through a different lens. The Nine supercharges its members through its power, that being greater than the sum of its parts.

Lu-Li Blooming Founders.jpg

“I hope we can generate more awareness around the fact that women are not only starting lifestyle businesses, but they are also are building game changing companies that solve meaningful problems for the world's biggest corporates. I'd love to see the group grow over time to 90 and then 900 women. The more, the merrier!”

Email: lu.li@bloomingfounders.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/houseofli

Blooming Founders
Twitter: @bloomingfoundrs

Lu li

Founder, Blooming Founders

Lu is the founder of Blooming Founders, a business incubation platform for female founders. They offer a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services that give female entrepreneurs a competitive edge in building their businesses.

The startup ecosystem has been historically created by men for men. As a result the current ecosystem isn't the best place for women to start up, as there are many hurdles that make business growth difficult. At the same time, the number of women starting up their own businesses is growing, creating a huge opportunity to design products and services for them.

Lu is also the UK ambassador of Women's Entrepreneurship Day, a mentor at the Google Launchpad accelerator, and part of the Techstars community leadership team. She has also published the book Dear Female Founder, now globally available on Amazon and Kindle.

In her previous corporate career, Lu has launched FMCG products for Procter & Gamble across Western Europe and has worked on several consulting projects for McKinsey, BMW and T-Mobile.

Lu is also a regular speaker on female leadership, entrepreneurship and community-focused propositions.

What does the Nine mean to Lu?

The Nine is a group of female founders working on making the business world more productive with their innovations. It's invaluable to Lu to have an "Inner Circle" of women who she can reach out to, for inspiration and support.


“My vision is for us all to achieve our own business goals and beyond, accelerated by our collaboration. Perhaps The Nine can become a fresher 'go-to’ place to reduce the number of tech speaker 'manels' and purely male media soundbites by giving greater visibility and access to intelligent and articulate tech business women!”

Email: lucinda@advancechange.co.uk
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/lucindacarney

Twitter: @ActusAppraisal

Lucinda Carney

Founder & CEO, Actus & Actus Comply

Lucinda is the founder and CEO of Actus and Actus Comply, performance and talent management software that increases productivity, engagement and compliance in organisations across the world. Actus was launched in 2012 and has since gone from strength to strength with more than 50,000 users across the public and private sector, and growing rapidly.

Based in the UK cloud, Actus provides extensive performance and talent management functionality, yet is quick to set up and easy to use, embedding year-round people management activities, leading to optimum individual and business performance.

Clients include Merseyside Police, Oxford City Council, a series of NHS Trusts, and a number of high profile financial and blue-chip commercial entities. Actus also has an exciting roadmap, having recently launched a compliance module for firms that fall under the extended Senior Management and Certification Regime (SM&CR). Actus Comply provides peace of mind with a secure, but accessible system of control specifically designed to meet the SM&CR requirements required by the FCA.

Lucinda is a qualified business psychologist and executive coach with many years’ experience in corporate learning and development. This expertise further differentiates the Actus offering through aligned management training and culture change consultancy which accelerates the ROI for clients taking on the product.

'Making a difference' has always been a key motivator for Lucinda; she believes that we spend so much of our time at work, we deserve the clarity and support to be able to give our best. Embedding quality people and performance management activities is better for people as well as for businesses, and she is passionate about delivering for both. Lucinda gets particular satisfaction from providing access to enterprise quality software and services at accessible prices to her NHS and public sector clients.

In 2016 Lucinda was named Everywoman Tech Entrepreneur of the Year and the business demonstrates further credibility through a host of other accreditations including Cyber Essentials, IS027001, and a presence on the Government Digital Marketplace.

What does The Nine mean to Lucinda?

The Nine is a posse of highly credible, capable and motivated women who have overcome the odds to be successful in the B2B tech world. Lucinda is proud to be associated with them and together they can all learn from and support each other. The Nine are independent but collaborative and share a vision of creating synergy and inspiration for others by their association and achievements.

For Lucinda, it isn't all about being female, it is about support and collaboration and that can go across genders BUT there is no doubt that women are under-represented, particularly in tech, and that is self-fulfilling. By creating greater visibility of their achievements and credibility, this could become a platform for others, and she would love The Nine to become a hub for other entrepreneurs in B2B tech businesses so the network can be extended and others are supported to achieve.


“The Nine exists for us to support and help each other. I feel inspired and supported each time we meet up. There’s a wonderful element of everyone wanting the other to do their best and together we want to lift each other up. Let’s face it… it’s going to be lonely at the top and I’d rather be there with a group of women who I know have my back, and who know that I have theirs. We’re turning that old men’s club into a new world women’s club.”

Email: emma@deployed.co
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmarees01

Twitter: @deployedco
Instagram: @deployedco

emma rees

Co-founder, Deployed

Emma is the co-founder of Deployed, a SaaS data analytics company that simplifies statements of work. The company was born from a simple fact; the future of work is flexible, but the way we describe and contract for work is broken. Deployed believes that the engine of the self-employed economy is activity-based work statements, easy to understand outcomes and transparent pricing models.

With two Innovate UK grants under their belt, the first for Design and the second for Emerging Technologies Machine Learning, Deployed’s SaaS tool embraces big data and clever algorithms to provide their clients with insightful ways of agreeing and jointly defining work. 

Whether you are a buyer of services (from teams of consultants to single person engagements) or the seller of resources with repeatable outcomes, Deployed’s platform helps its clients agree and contract work faster, cheaper, with less risk, and with improved delivery performance.

Emma has always been a ‘grafter’ with an entrepreneurial spirit. At the young age of 21, she opened her own hairdressing salon in Perth, Australia. After moving to London, she completed her business degree before starting popular pop-up chain the Blow Bar, which at its peak had five locations across London, with their flagship outlet on Regent Street, and 140 on-demand staff on rotation across the capital.

Always looking for ways to streamline her business model to increase efficiency and profit, and after brainstorming with her co-founder, the idea for Deployed was born and the company launched in 2017 on the back of their first Innovate UK research grant. Since then, they have entered into a partnership with Oxford University into machine learning experiments in defining work, seed capital has been raised, and a number of large companies are beta testing the platform. Deployed is set for growth in 2019 with a number of key appointments at board and senior management level, and more paying clients coming on board.

Having also recently been named in the “301 Female Tech Trailblazers”, Emma is a rising star amongst women in B2B tech, and is passionate about nurturing other women in this space. She is also available for speaking opportunities about the future of work, women in technology, and defining work. 

What does The Nine mean to Emma?

The Nine were brought together as a group of women running B2B technology companies. They know that they are a ‘rare breed’ but there are more women coming into this space. The Nine would like to see more women running these types of businesses, and for this to happen, they recognise that they ‘can’t be what they can’t see’. Emma’s vision for The Nine is for the group to be supportive role models to inspire, mentor and show other women that anything is possible. That they can do it their way, even with children and families.


“Being part of The Nine means we always have someone to go to, who understands our challenges and aspirations. We hope that our experiences will be helpful for others to inspire them to jump in with both feet and give it a go!”

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/meganneale-belimitless
Twitter: @NealeMegan


megan neale

Co-founder, Limitless Technology

Megan is widely regarded as a thought leader in digital innovation for customer care. Her passion for ‘customer and client first’, combined with her constant drive for innovation led her to co-found Limitless Technology in 2016.

Megan’s vision is to help every company deliver outstanding personalised service, at a lower cost and - by taking a crowd service approach - return millions of rewards to their own customers. During her 20-year career in customer management and the contact centre industry, Megan has helped build successful customer engagement solutions and deliver worldwide, transformational solutions and operational excellence for many global brands. 

Megan’s personal ambition is to build a business that can scale to enable anyone to love how they earn money anywhere in the world and offer their enterprise clients the simplest solution for freelance services. Megan is inspired by the impact Limitless has on people and hears amazing stories every day. Limitless offers people the ability to earn money on their own terms for helping others for brands they love. These stories range from parents saving to pay for their children’s education, to students saving to travel to world, to a grandmother saving enough to treat her grandchildren every once in a while.

Prior to founding Limitless Technology, Megan was an equity director leading a high growth European contact centre outsourcing business which was acquired by the global conglomerate Hinduja Group. She was also the founding shareholder of Semafone, the leader in PCI compliant security solutions for contact centres. 

What does The Nine mean to Megan?

Megan believes having a support network that understands the challenges of starting a tech business in today’s economic climate is invaluable.

Angelique Mohring.jpeg

“The Nine isn’t just about women –it is about uncompromising growth and uncompromising support. Our vision is equal access to opportunities, funding, and global growth for women founders.”

Email: angelique@gainx.ca
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angeliquemohring
Twitter: @AngeliqueM2010

Twitter: @GainxGlobal

Angelique Mohring

Founder & CEO, GainX

Angelique is the founder and CEO of GainX, a technology company that enables big business to navigate change in the new economy by applying machine learning to data they already have in order to effectively accelerate their multi-million dollar strategic transformations. With over 25 years’ experience as an anthropologist, consultant and tech executive, Angelique has a deep understanding of how organisations must drive sustainable growth through transformation, and she is now regarded as a global expert in artificial intelligence and transformation in financial services.

GainX has helped banks recognise over $1 billion in savings in 2018 alone. GainX has helped banks reduce duplicative projects, totaling nearly $500 million this past year and has helped banks keep key talent in-house, thereby reducing executive turnover (which was at an all-time high in 2018). Angelique’s customers have also seen major reductions in delivery times – up to 75% - for major change programmes.

GainX has been featured in numerous Tier 1 publications (Forbes, TechVibes, The Banker, Financial Times, The Telegraph, Fintech Finance, MSFT News, Betakit, Commuintech, The Record, and more). Angelique has gained recognition for her work with Tier 1 banks, three of four of the “Big Four” consulting companies, and she has partnered with two of the world's biggest software companies.

GainX was the only Canadian company chosen for the elite Microsoft Venture Accelerator program in 2017 in London, UK. GainX is also a proud partner with Microsoft and after launching their UK headquarters in 2017, the company was invited as one of only 20 companies globally to join the London Stock Exchange Elite Program.

The Canadian and UK Trade Commissions have recognised Angelique as an exceptional innovator. Angelique sits on several boards in Canada, the UK and France - addressing responsible AI, Surviving the New Economy, and the Future of Work.

Angelique has been featured in Forbes and several major publications for her work in technology. In December 2017, she made The Most Powerful Women in Financial Services list in the UK, and for the last three years, she has been nominated as one of Canada's most influential women. Angelique also sits on several boards in Canada in business and government and has served as a board member with the Royal Bank of Scotland Innovation Gateway for three years.

 Angelique has been recognised for her political work, helping the individual understand why they matter in the Next Economy. She sits on the global council in France addressing the juncture between humans and AI.

Angelique has collaborated with Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Muhammed Yunus, on making economic opportunities equally accessible to underprivileged women through micro-finance globally. This has led to a Council seat for Angelique in Marseilles, France at TheCamp which works with over 30,000 people from around the world every year. Angelique is expanding this reach internationally – focusing in particular on the balance between banking, profit, humans and technology in our economy.

Angelique is frequently invited to speak on how corporations must navigate the tsunami of change within the next decade, and the roles Governments must play in economic stability. Having delivered over 200 speaking engagements, she is no stranger to inspiring minds around the world.

What does The Nine mean to Angelique?

The Nine are a group of powerhouse women who invest time in each other’s success with no ulterior motive other than giving flight to like-minded, hard-working women. Angelique acknowledges that women don’t have equal access to funding (only 4 – 5% of all capital raised goes to women), or to procurement opportunities in both the public and private sectors (less than 20% are sourced to women-owned companies), so to be able to support the growth of women in tech is really important to her, and to the group as a whole.

emily forbes

Founder, Seenit

Emily is the founder of Seenit, an app and platform which helps brands and organisations co-create video with employees, fans, journalists and experts from around the world. It's a tool which makes it easy to direct and collect video from smartphones, by setting tasks within the app; the target 'crew' follow the instructions and upload video. The content arrives to a central private online studio where films can be quickly edited and distributed out to social media. 

It is a way for organisations to engage with the people who are most passionate about their brand and empowers them to be the content creators. 


“Being part of a group of high achieving people that are all on the same journey is unbelievably reassuring. We are all at slightly different stages which means we can all support, inspire and be inspired simultaneously… it’s a rare find!”

Email: anna@openblendmethod.co.uk
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-rasmussen-4103444
Twitter: @rasmussen_anna

Open Blend Method

Anna Rasmussen

Founder & CEO, Open Blend

Anna is the Founder and CEO of Open Blend, an online platform that facilitates coaching-led one-to-ones that support all aspects of an individual’s development journey and enables managers to truly accelerate the performance of their teams.

With 15 years’ experience as an executive leadership coach to enterprise organisations, Anna is a well renowned specialist in leadership coaching with a passion for supporting every individual in a business to reach their potential.  Four years ago, whilst coaching, Anna started to really consider the notion of work/life balance. Struck by how negative it felt, she intuitively knew there was a better way to look at it and the concept of Blend was born. Open Blend is now the only people platform specifically for people managers. 

Unlike traditional HR tools, Open Blend powers regular, meaningful and effective conversations using recognised coaching frameworks, including the innovative Blend tool.  Her company provides businesses with unique data insight into what really drives their people, reconnects the workplace, and supports everyone in the business to thrive. In just four years, Open Blend has made a significant impact in some of the UK’s leading organisations such as American Express, Avios, M&C Saatchi, and Guidant Group, to name a few. Blend has enabled some of its clients to become one of the Top 100 Sunday Times Best Companies to work for.

What does The Nine mean to Anna?

Being part of a group of high achieving people that are all on the same journey is unbelievably reassuring. The Nine are all at slightly different stages which means we can all support, inspire and be inspired simultaneously… it’s a rare find!


“My vision for The Nine is to set a unique example of how female tech innovators/entrepreneurs can collaborate to present our powerful business solutions to corporations and SMEs, and the general public, to accelerate the modernisation of business life by innovating new tools and methodologies. If a company hired us all as a team, we could increase their productivity quickly and significantly!”

Email: kinga.incze@whitereport.global
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kinga-incze-5586bb3a

Twitter: @wr_mediabrowser

Kinga Incze

Founder & CEO, Whitereport

With over 20 years’ experience in the media industry, Kinga founded WhiteReport Hungary in 2011 and WhiteReport Global Limited (UK) in 2017. WhiteReport captures financial, commercial and ownership data to transform the way in which media-related business, regulatory and policy decisions are made.

Kinga recognises the media industry has a fundamental problem: the media market reality is different from current perceptions, so regulation and business is outdated because it does not cover the fragmented, cross-media reality in its complexity. It is clear, however, that legacy media do compete with social media, streaming services and other platforms.

WhiteReport is transforming the industry by providing new data currencies, KPIs and unprecedented insights into a fragmented cross-media market. The platform is supported by a cross-media database of 1100+ UK media companies, as well as league tables. WhiteReport gained global traction as one of the most promising early-stage data innovations to exhibit at Collision US (2016) and WebSummit 2017.

Kinga was previously the CEO of Universal McCann/Magna Global Hungary, and founder of Mrs. White Media Consulting. She also co-authored The Advertising Space: The Handbook of Effective Media Planning and Buying.

Kinga is a mother of two children, and chairman of a parents’ non-profit association in Budapest that supports state school children learning English and coding from first grade.

What does The Nine mean to Kinga?

The Nine is not just a group of ambitions female founders with B2B innovations – they are the new wave of business intelligence, AI, HR, recruitment, customer service, and technology solutions, that have come together to support and learn from each other.