“My vision is for us all to achieve our own business goals and beyond, accelerated by our collaboration. Perhaps The Nine can become a fresher 'go-to’ place to reduce the number of tech speaker 'manels' and purely male media soundbites by giving greater visibility and access to intelligent and articulate tech business women!”


Twitter: @ActusAppraisal

Lucinda Carney

Founder & CEO, Actus & Actus Comply

Lucinda is the founder and CEO of Actus and Actus Comply, performance and talent management software that increases productivity, engagement and compliance in organisations across the world. Actus was launched in 2012 and has since gone from strength to strength with more than 50,000 users across the public and private sector, and growing rapidly.

Based in the UK cloud, Actus provides extensive performance and talent management functionality, yet is quick to set up and easy to use, embedding year-round people management activities, leading to optimum individual and business performance.

Clients include Merseyside Police, Oxford City Council, a series of NHS Trusts, and a number of high profile financial and blue-chip commercial entities. Actus also has an exciting roadmap, having recently launched a compliance module for firms that fall under the extended Senior Management and Certification Regime (SM&CR). Actus Comply provides peace of mind with a secure, but accessible system of control specifically designed to meet the SM&CR requirements required by the FCA.

Lucinda is a qualified business psychologist and executive coach with many years’ experience in corporate learning and development. This expertise further differentiates the Actus offering through aligned management training and culture change consultancy which accelerates the ROI for clients taking on the product.

'Making a difference' has always been a key motivator for Lucinda; she believes that we spend so much of our time at work, we deserve the clarity and support to be able to give our best. Embedding quality people and performance management activities is better for people as well as for businesses, and she is passionate about delivering for both. Lucinda gets particular satisfaction from providing access to enterprise quality software and services at accessible prices to her NHS and public sector clients.

In 2016 Lucinda was named Everywoman Tech Entrepreneur of the Year and the business demonstrates further credibility through a host of other accreditations including Cyber Essentials, IS027001, and a presence on the Government Digital Marketplace.

What does The Nine mean to Lucinda?

The Nine is a posse of highly credible, capable and motivated women who have overcome the odds to be successful in the B2B tech world. Lucinda is proud to be associated with them and together they can all learn from and support each other. The Nine are independent but collaborative and share a vision of creating synergy and inspiration for others by their association and achievements.

For Lucinda, it isn't all about being female, it is about support and collaboration and that can go across genders BUT there is no doubt that women are under-represented, particularly in tech, and that is self-fulfilling. By creating greater visibility of their achievements and credibility, this could become a platform for others, and she would love The Nine to become a hub for other entrepreneurs in B2B tech businesses so the network can be extended and others are supported to achieve.