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“I hope we can generate more awareness around the fact that women are not only starting lifestyle businesses, but they are also are building game changing companies that solve meaningful problems for the world's biggest corporates. I'd love to see the group grow over time to 90 and then 900 women. The more, the merrier!”


Blooming Founders
Twitter: @bloomingfoundrs

Lu li

Founder, Blooming Founders

Lu is the founder of Blooming Founders, a business incubation platform for female founders. They offer a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services that give female entrepreneurs a competitive edge in building their businesses.

The startup ecosystem has been historically created by men for men. As a result the current ecosystem isn't the best place for women to start up, as there are many hurdles that make business growth difficult. At the same time, the number of women starting up their own businesses is growing, creating a huge opportunity to design products and services for them.

Lu is also the UK ambassador of Women's Entrepreneurship Day, a mentor at the Google Launchpad accelerator, and part of the Techstars community leadership team. She has also published the book Dear Female Founder, now globally available on Amazon and Kindle.

In her previous corporate career, Lu has launched FMCG products for Procter & Gamble across Western Europe and has worked on several consulting projects for McKinsey, BMW and T-Mobile.

Lu is also a regular speaker on female leadership, entrepreneurship and community-focused propositions.

What does the Nine mean to Lu?

The Nine is a group of female founders working on making the business world more productive with their innovations. It's invaluable to Lu to have an "Inner Circle" of women who she can reach out to, for inspiration and support.