“My vision for The Nine is to set a unique example of how female tech innovators/entrepreneurs can collaborate to present our powerful business solutions to corporations and SMEs, and the general public, to accelerate the modernisation of business life by innovating new tools and methodologies. If a company hired us all as a team, we could increase their productivity quickly and significantly!”


Twitter: @wr_mediabrowser

Kinga Incze

Founder & CEO, Whitereport

With over 20 years’ experience in the media industry, Kinga founded WhiteReport Hungary in 2011 and WhiteReport Global Limited (UK) in 2017. WhiteReport captures financial, commercial and ownership data to transform the way in which media-related business, regulatory and policy decisions are made.

Kinga recognises the media industry has a fundamental problem: the media market reality is different from current perceptions, so regulation and business is outdated because it does not cover the fragmented, cross-media reality in its complexity. It is clear, however, that legacy media do compete with social media, streaming services and other platforms.

WhiteReport is transforming the industry by providing new data currencies, KPIs and unprecedented insights into a fragmented cross-media market. The platform is supported by a cross-media database of 1100+ UK media companies, as well as league tables. WhiteReport gained global traction as one of the most promising early-stage data innovations to exhibit at Collision US (2016) and WebSummit 2017.

Kinga was previously the CEO of Universal McCann/Magna Global Hungary, and founder of Mrs. White Media Consulting. She also co-authored The Advertising Space: The Handbook of Effective Media Planning and Buying.

Kinga is a mother of two children, and chairman of a parents’ non-profit association in Budapest that supports state school children learning English and coding from first grade.

What does The Nine mean to Kinga?

The Nine is not just a group of ambitions female founders with B2B innovations – they are the new wave of business intelligence, AI, HR, recruitment, customer service, and technology solutions, that have come together to support and learn from each other.