“My vision is for The Nine is for it to be a significant enabler of our independent goals so that we can all become role models and enablers for others to follow.”

Email: juliet@anygood.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julieteccleston/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/playthesunset

Facebook: anygoodHQ
Twitter: @AnyGoodHQ

Juliet Eccleston

CEO & Co-founder, Anygood?

Juliet is CEO and co-founder of the crowdsourced talent platform AnyGood?, a network where professionals recommend professionals for roles. AnyGood? nurtures a level playing field for candidates through a proactively curated network, to ensure a greater diversity of recommended candidates.

AnyGood? launched in 2017 and has attracted interest from large corporates as well as SMEs who are looking for new ways to find great people. AnyGood? successfully raised initial seed funding via its members and is set for significant growth in 2019.

Prior to launching AnyGood?, Juliet delivered large scale change programmes for over 20 years within financial services, retail and government, for companies including Egg, BBC, Sainsbury’s, Legal & General, Fidelity Investments and Britannia Building Society, among others.

Juliet is inspired when she sees simple and ethical solutions for inefficient and outdated industries. Although technical advancements are certainly enablers of change, the transition of trust away from institutions to crowds is an economy-wide shift that will reach almost every market. The possibilities of this are fascinating to her and piques her curiosity about how the AnyGood? model can continue to be refined.

What is The Nine to Juliet?

The Nine is a group of independently bold and tenacious women entrepreneurs who are focused on driving out inefficiencies in B2B environments, and increasing productivity. Juliet believes collaborating and sharing with other creative leaders helps you to see your own challenges through a different lens. The Nine supercharges its members through its power, that being greater than the sum of its parts.