“The Nine exists for us to support and help each other. I feel inspired and supported each time we meet up. There’s a wonderful element of everyone wanting the other to do their best and together we want to lift each other up. Let’s face it… it’s going to be lonely at the top and I’d rather be there with a group of women who I know have my back, and who know that I have theirs. We’re turning that old men’s club into a new world women’s club.”

Email: emma@deployed.co
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmarees01

Twitter: @deployedco
Instagram: @deployedco

emma rees

Co-founder, Deployed

Emma is the co-founder of Deployed, a SaaS data analytics company that simplifies statements of work. The company was born from a simple fact; the future of work is flexible, but the way we describe and contract for work is broken. Deployed believes that the engine of the self-employed economy is activity-based work statements, easy to understand outcomes and transparent pricing models.

With two Innovate UK grants under their belt, the first for Design and the second for Emerging Technologies Machine Learning, Deployed’s SaaS tool embraces big data and clever algorithms to provide their clients with insightful ways of agreeing and jointly defining work. 

Whether you are a buyer of services (from teams of consultants to single person engagements) or the seller of resources with repeatable outcomes, Deployed’s platform helps its clients agree and contract work faster, cheaper, with less risk, and with improved delivery performance.

Emma has always been a ‘grafter’ with an entrepreneurial spirit. At the young age of 21, she opened her own hairdressing salon in Perth, Australia. After moving to London, she completed her business degree before starting popular pop-up chain the Blow Bar, which at its peak had five locations across London, with their flagship outlet on Regent Street, and 140 on-demand staff on rotation across the capital.

Always looking for ways to streamline her business model to increase efficiency and profit, and after brainstorming with her co-founder, the idea for Deployed was born and the company launched in 2017 on the back of their first Innovate UK research grant. Since then, they have entered into a partnership with Oxford University into machine learning experiments in defining work, seed capital has been raised, and a number of large companies are beta testing the platform. Deployed is set for growth in 2019 with a number of key appointments at board and senior management level, and more paying clients coming on board.

Having also recently been named in the “301 Female Tech Trailblazers”, Emma is a rising star amongst women in B2B tech, and is passionate about nurturing other women in this space. She is also available for speaking opportunities about the future of work, women in technology, and defining work. 

What does The Nine mean to Emma?

The Nine were brought together as a group of women running B2B technology companies. They know that they are a ‘rare breed’ but there are more women coming into this space. The Nine would like to see more women running these types of businesses, and for this to happen, they recognise that they ‘can’t be what they can’t see’. Emma’s vision for The Nine is for the group to be supportive role models to inspire, mentor and show other women that anything is possible. That they can do it their way, even with children and families.