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“The Nine isn’t just about women –it is about uncompromising growth and uncompromising support. Our vision is equal access to opportunities, funding, and global growth for women founders.”

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Angelique Mohring

Founder & CEO, GainX

Angelique is the founder and CEO of GainX, a technology company that enables big business to navigate change in the new economy by applying machine learning to data they already have in order to effectively accelerate their multi-million dollar strategic transformations. With over 25 years’ experience as an anthropologist, consultant and tech executive, Angelique has a deep understanding of how organisations must drive sustainable growth through transformation, and she is now regarded as a global expert in artificial intelligence and transformation in financial services.

GainX has helped banks recognise over $1 billion in savings in 2018 alone. GainX has helped banks reduce duplicative projects, totaling nearly $500 million this past year and has helped banks keep key talent in-house, thereby reducing executive turnover (which was at an all-time high in 2018). Angelique’s customers have also seen major reductions in delivery times – up to 75% - for major change programmes.

GainX has been featured in numerous Tier 1 publications (Forbes, TechVibes, The Banker, Financial Times, The Telegraph, Fintech Finance, MSFT News, Betakit, Commuintech, The Record, and more). Angelique has gained recognition for her work with Tier 1 banks, three of four of the “Big Four” consulting companies, and she has partnered with two of the world's biggest software companies.

GainX was the only Canadian company chosen for the elite Microsoft Venture Accelerator program in 2017 in London, UK. GainX is also a proud partner with Microsoft and after launching their UK headquarters in 2017, the company was invited as one of only 20 companies globally to join the London Stock Exchange Elite Program.

The Canadian and UK Trade Commissions have recognised Angelique as an exceptional innovator. Angelique sits on several boards in Canada, the UK and France - addressing responsible AI, Surviving the New Economy, and the Future of Work.

Angelique has been featured in Forbes and several major publications for her work in technology. In December 2017, she made The Most Powerful Women in Financial Services list in the UK, and for the last three years, she has been nominated as one of Canada's most influential women. Angelique also sits on several boards in Canada in business and government and has served as a board member with the Royal Bank of Scotland Innovation Gateway for three years.

 Angelique has been recognised for her political work, helping the individual understand why they matter in the Next Economy. She sits on the global council in France addressing the juncture between humans and AI.

Angelique has collaborated with Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Muhammed Yunus, on making economic opportunities equally accessible to underprivileged women through micro-finance globally. This has led to a Council seat for Angelique in Marseilles, France at TheCamp which works with over 30,000 people from around the world every year. Angelique is expanding this reach internationally – focusing in particular on the balance between banking, profit, humans and technology in our economy.

Angelique is frequently invited to speak on how corporations must navigate the tsunami of change within the next decade, and the roles Governments must play in economic stability. Having delivered over 200 speaking engagements, she is no stranger to inspiring minds around the world.

What does The Nine mean to Angelique?

The Nine are a group of powerhouse women who invest time in each other’s success with no ulterior motive other than giving flight to like-minded, hard-working women. Angelique acknowledges that women don’t have equal access to funding (only 4 – 5% of all capital raised goes to women), or to procurement opportunities in both the public and private sectors (less than 20% are sourced to women-owned companies), so to be able to support the growth of women in tech is really important to her, and to the group as a whole.