It all started when…

We are #TheNine.

We are "The 9": A group of nine women who met on the first scale-up programme run by one of the Big Four, which targeted female founders with B2B business models and innovative instincts. We are all entrepreneurs running growth-stage B2B scale-ups in a variety of industries.

By the end of the programme we decided to commit to continue to collaborate and support each other as we all work towards shaping the future of work – because innovation improves productivity, and females and innovation improves productivity even more!

We meet up every quarter for a working breakfast or dinner. The last breakfast was a hive of activity and idea sharing, connections and support for what we were most in need of that week. There’s a wonderful element in this group of everyone wanting the others to do their best and together we want to lift each other up.

“we don't want to be ‘The 9’ for long. Soon, we will be ‘The 900’ as more women realise their potential in business.”